Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips For 2019

Google is constantly updating their search engine’s algorithm and that means the organic SEO or natural SEO techniques and tips that you learned several years ago no longer give substantial results. It’s imperative to stay abreast on the organic search engine optimization rules that still apply and those that can get you in trouble. This is where this reads comes into play. We know what search engines are looking for today and so, we have listed a few tips that you should be implementing in your SEO campaign this year.

Put Your KW at The Start of Your Title Tag

Chances are you know that including your keyword in the title tag is important, but did you know that the manner you use it ideally makes a difference? Well, if you want to get higher rankings on the search engines, you should always start your title tag with your primary KW.

Use Your KW in the URL and Keep it Short

When it comes to creating a distinct URL for each page, you should ensure that your primary keyword is included. This ascertains that the search engines know what the page is about and be able to display it on the proper queries. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that you keep the URL short. That’s because search engines usually pay attention to the first 5 words. So, try and make it as straightforward as possible.

Add Synonyms

Your keywords are an excellent starting point, but not everyone uses the same words when searching. People are going to use an array of different wordings when looking up the same thing and you want to ensure that you rank for all of them. So, take your primary keyword and utilize a couple of times and use similar ways to portray the same message. This helps to cover all the queries on your niche while ensuring that you do not get punished for keyword stuffing.

Add Title Tag Modifiers

So, you have both short-tail and long-tail keywords from your keyword research task. They are effective and help you get ranked. However, if you want to get recognized for your long-tail phrases, ensure your integrate title tag modifiers. These are simply additional words that go along with your primary KW. They are commonly searched, but will not show up in any of your KW research, meaning they are easier to rank for. Here are a few examples of common modifiers as well as how to use them

1. Best- Tips for finding the best Organic SEO company

2. Guide- A Guide for choosing an Organic SEO firm

3. Review- A review of Organic SEO Companies

4. Checklist- A must follow checklist when choosing an Organic SEO firm.

Take Advantage of Internal and External Links

Getting backlinks from authoritative is an imperative aspect of organic SEO, but the links that you utilize on your website are equally important.

1. External/Outbound Links- By linking to authoritative and trusted sites, you’re telling search engines that you’re trustworthy and actually take the time to conduct proper research.

2. Internal/Inbound Links- You give yourself backlinks by linking to other web pages on your website within each post. For better results, you should use your KWs as anchor text.