SOUND TRACKS 19: LOST IT TO TRYING ~ oh my design blog
SOUND TRACKS 19: LOST IT TO TRYING | oh my design blog

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This Sound Tracks comes with a huge shock to me. I'd never thought I'd put that "Prayer In C" song I'm hearing everywhere on one of my Sound Tracks. Whenever I heard it at the shops or in the office though, I thought it had such nice, sad lyrics that didn't suit the song that they sat in. But I was lucky enough to work out that it was actually a remix of a lovely little folk song from 2010. So I've included it in this playlist, as I think it's much lovelier than the version that's popular at the moment and deserves some love too.

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1. Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
2. Darth Vader - Highasakite
3. Lungs - CHVRCHES
4. Hunger of the Pine - Alt-J
5. Dreams - Wet
6. Mother & Father - Broods
7. Beggin for Thread - Banks
8. My Desire - Interpol
9. Lost It To Trying - Son Lux
10. Prayer In C - Lilly Wood And The Prick


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