RECENT WORK 03: ANGEL'S CORNER ~ oh my design blog
RECENT WORK 03: ANGEL'S CORNER | oh my design blog

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


If you like my page on Facebook, you would have seen that over the weekend, I finished up one of my most recent projects! Fatma is a lifestyle and beauty blogger based in Dubai. She is an expert when it comes to make up and skin care, and also has a fabulous eye when it comes to fashion and accessories. Fatma came to me asking for a cute, colourful, yet simple blog layout with very little clutter in the sidebar. She was also after a cute, simple hot air balloon illustration as a feature. I came up with a design which featured the pastel colours she loves, but added a painted look with hand written fonts to ensure it didn't look cartoony. To reduce clutter on her sidebar, I created pages for Fatma's followers, archives and also categories - which features a cute little illustrated menu which is my favourite part of the site. You can pop over to have a look here.


  1. Oh, this is the cutest thing, Amy! I love the pastel color scheme and the hot air balloon illustration! It's perfect! :) Amazing job! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! It's very cute and girly this one :) But it kind of made me fall in love with paint strokes x


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