FAB FONT 01: QUESTRIAL ~ oh my design blog
FAB FONT 01: QUESTRIAL | oh my design blog

Monday, April 1, 2013


Another new column that I've been wanting to introduce to my little blog is this one: sharing free some fabulous (free!) fonts that I find while doing my design work. While I am all for spending good money on good fonts; when you are studying or starting out, its great to know that there are fonts out there that are (legally) free for you to use. The only thing is, it can be a bit tricky to find some that are not uh, pretty terrible with terrible kerning to match.
So I will endeavour to bring you a couple of my favourite free fonts, starting with Questrial. This is a nice, strong sans serif font, which is great for head lines and body text too. It was designed by Admix Designs and is available over at Font Squirrel or Google Webfonts, which gives you a great, easy way to incorporate it into your website.

Designed by: Admix Designs
Available at: Font Squirrel, Google Webfonts

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  1. Thanks for your comment Amy :) and for this font, I love it!

  2. Thanks so much for popping this up and adding this on the blog Amy - so neccessary for me! I have seen this on othetr design blogs, but I especially love that you outline where it's good to use. Sometimes I love a font then scott points out it's not great as a text or body font. A little heartbreaking! Glad you're opening my eyes :)

    1. Thanks Libby! I know what you mean! x


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