SOUND TRACKS 01: I FEEL IT ALL ~ oh my design blog
SOUND TRACKS 01: I FEEL IT ALL | oh my design blog

Friday, March 29, 2013


Confession time: I am totally addicted to Spotify. And I always listen to music while I'm working. So I thought I might start sharing a play list here and there. Its a bit off the track of design, but I'm always really curious about whether people prefer to design in total silence, or, if not, what music they like to listen to while working. This is a bunch of songs I'm listening to a lot at the moment. I've had Bat for Lashes' latest album on repeat for months and there's a few great Australian artists thrown in there too. I hope you like it. And how amazing is this photograph by Deb Schwedhelm?

1. Lilies - Bat for Lashes
2. Blood - The Middle East
3. Father Said - Thelma Plum
4. Wild Love - Gossling
5. The Greatest - Cat Power
6. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
7. Wolf - First Aid Kit
8. History's Door - Husky 
9. Fall At Your Feet - Boy & Bear
10. I Feel It All - Feist

deb schewedhelm

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  1. i love love love when people share sound tracks! i always want to find new music but never have the energy to cruise around for it. the only one i heard on yours was the lumineer one (and how sweet is it?), I can't wait to check out the rest!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Oh thanks so much Marlen! I was a little unsure about whether I should start sharing them because they're not really design related, but now I'm glad I did! I hope you liked it! x

  2. Love this Amy! Have you heard of - they have an amazing array of music compilations from designers. You should add this up there too!

    1. Thanks Libby! No I hadn't heard of - I will have to go check it out! Thank you for the rec! x

  3. I like your playlist, thanks for sharing! I always work with music so I'm totally addicted to spotify too :)

    1. Thank you Isa! Thank you for sharing your link! And your blog is gorgeous! x


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