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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today my college held its annual creative conference and we had some fantastically talented people come to chat to us. One of the speakers was the lovely Gemma O'Brien, who spoke about her experiences as an illustrator and typographer. She was really inspiring. She's done lots of work which you may have already heard about - from the opening credits to Play School to the invitations for Bob Hawke's 80th birthday party! Here's a couple of her past projects - I am totally in love with that Tel Aviv installation.

gemma o'brien


  1. I might get out the calligraphy pens again...

  2. I love Gemma's work, I saw her talk at Semi Permanent :)

  3. Aliceblue - Ha! Me too! After her presentation I thought to myself "Oh my goodness, I just need to go home and draw type!"
    Swah - Oh you lucky thing! I'm hoping to get to Semi Permanent next year x


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